User Services


User Services

The Charlton Group’s professional and personable staff assists you on-site and remotely with end-user support and workstation needs. We consider that every request from your staff is important. Solving their technical problems in a timely manner, whether it is related to hardware, software, or a process, ensures that your employees have the tools they need to be productive.
• Easily request assistance via email to our Helpdesk ticketing system
• Remote staff support using remote control software
• User education about systems and security

Service Requests

We provide a helpdesk ticketing systems to track the progress of each request. Your employees simply submit their problem via email and a ticket is automatically opened. The requester receives an acknowledgement email that their issue was received with a tracking number. If we are providing support on site that day(s), employees can also ask us about problems in person, and management can request weekly automated status reports.
• One email address to send all requests
• Requestor receives a ticket number for each of their requests
• Our client contact(s) can request weekly automated reports of open requests

Desktops and laptops

The desktop computer is where most security breaches occur. We are proactive in the maintenance of the office computers and strive to automate the process as much as possible to reduce cost.
• Desktop maintenance using automated monthly patching
• Software Application deployment via automation push technology
• Security with the operation system and software. Security Services (link to security page)
• Hardware support hands on and working with hardware vendors
• Green computing strategies to reduce power consumption


Computers more than likely have other accessories attached to them locally or via a network. We support a wide variety of peripherals which extend employees productivity.
• Printers, locally or network attached
• Fax Systems, locally or network attached
• Scanners, locally or network attached
• Copiers, locally or network attached