Telcom and Media


This service category was created to include many different items that we work on for our clients, including phone systems and services, mailing list databases, multi-media for conference rooms, video conferencing, web sites, mobile devices, and more. Our involvement can range from a consulting role to managing and implementing a project from start to finish. In all cases, we bring years of experience in our recommendations, installations, and support of these services.


Phone Systems

There are two categories of phone systems which companies consider, on premise or cloud based. The choice may not be as clear as you may think. Each has its pros and cons which should be weighed carefully before making a decision. We provide an objective view about phone system options taking into account factors such as company size, locations, budget, growth potential, and functionality, and will handle the research in finding the best vendor to meet your needs. We can also provide the on-going management of the phone system and vendor.

Phone and Internet Service

Whether you have a cloud or on premise phone system, calls must travel over a network to reach your office. Phone systems can use a data or a voice connection to carry calls depending on the type of system. In many cases the same vendor that’s supplying your phone service could be supplying your office internet connection too. These critical business services need to be reliable, fast, and cost efficient. We can guide you through the vendor options and design a reliable solution for your company’s requirements. Once a system is installed, we work with outside vendor to support and manage the telecommunications of your business.

Web Site

A web site is a reflection of your company, and in most cases, the first impression. A web site design should be easy to navigate, functional, and its appearance should display on any device. Web designers as well as their customers can get caught up in graphics and aesthetics of a new site, quickly loosing focus on a website’s functionality for their visitors. In an advisory role we help bring up these types of issues during the design phase of website implementation. We offer keen insight and help our customers get the most out of their work with web site design firms.

Mobile Devices

Laptops, tablets and smart phones, whether company owned or employee owned, need to be managed when connecting to the office to ensure the security of the business. If a device containing company information is lost or stolen a procedure must be in place to protect the company’s data. We deploy systems and services related to monitoring mobile devices and provide vendor selection assistance, including surveying your user population, to find a solution that works best for your company.