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Solving the High Resolution Clinical Photos Dilemma


Most Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems include apps for mobile devices. The portability of these devices paired with the EMR app allows physicians and clinical staff faster access to and convenient transfer of patient data. Patient information includes clinical photos that physicians and patients review to assess progress. Mobile devices typically include built in camera allowing EMR apps to photograph a patient and transfer the photo to the patient’s record within the EMR system.

The Problem

EMR apps work exclusively with mobile devices, yet mobile devices rarely include high resolution cameras. Typical image sizes with mobile devices are 5-10 Megapixel (MP) whereas high resolution digital camera photos start at 17 MP. In some practices higher resolution patient photos are needed. Without an integration of the digital camera with their EMR system, practices must have a strict procedure in place to insure the security of clinical photography. A clinical image on a digital camera poses a security concern from both a photo management standpoint and a theft perspective.

The Solution

We created an app as no product was readily available. The app we designed allows physicians to safely and securely use a high resolution (17 MP) digital camera within their medical practice. Clinical photos are never stored on the camera. They are immediately and directly transferred into the EMR system under the patient’s record, eliminating security concerns of photos left on a camera.

Product Status

Our application is currently in BETA testing and is not currently available for public purchase. If you are interested in knowing more about this application or would like to be kept up to date on our product, kindly provide your contact preferences in the form below. Thank you for your interest.

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