We provide on-site IT support for healthcare firms keeping a watchful eye on compliance and security for Protected Health Information (PHI).

PM and EMR

Practice Management (PM), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and other applications storing PHI are the foundation of healthcare firms. These applications interconnect with labs, fax systems, eRx, and with other healthcare partners. We have a proven track record of keeping these systems running, integrated and secure.

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Each day Healthcare firms must have HIPAA, HITECH / Meaningful Use, PCI, and the MA 201 CMR 17.00 regulation within their daily operations. Off-load your IT concerns to us so you can concentrate on business operation to maximize patient quality. We sign Business Associates Agreements (BAA) and are someone you can trust.


How data flows through a healthcare organization requires planning and user education to ensure PHI security. Systems such as email, mobile devices, desktop computers, patient care systems, and insurance web sites must be well protected. We discover, recommend, and lock down security and keep a watchful eye in our daily work for possible issues concerning sensitive data.

User and Systems Support

We support the daily technology operations of your medical practice including user support, networking, firewalls, monthly security updates of your systems, backups, and much more. For a full list of offerings see our IT Services section.